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A certified TEFL teacher from Canada, with over 8 years of experience teaching in-company and academic classes in Valencia offers English and French classes to all levels, including Cambridge official

Hello, My name is Angelika and I am a qualfied TEFL teacher from Canada (dual nationality,Bulgarian/Canadian), fully eligible to work in Spain.
I have over 8 years of experience teaching in-company and academic classes in Valencia. I speicalize in Business English and in preparation for the official Cambridge exams, for all levels.
As an interculturalist, with extensive international experience I strongly value the diversity of learning styles and the uniqueness - both individual and cultural - that my students may bring to the classroom. As a result, I provide an environment where students feel comfortable in expressing their needs and opinions. It is not always easy to achieve that but I am constantly striving to create a productive and entertaining learning atmosphere. My main goal is to give my students the knowledge and the skills that would allow them to learn the target language very well and to succeed in all their endeavors, on professional and personal level, where their language skills would be applicable.

The price of the classes is negotiable and depends on the following:
Classes for B2/FCE and C1/CAE exam preparation, Buisiness English classes and Job Interview preparation would cost more. Going to the student's house would also cost more due to the transportation cost to be added.
Academic classes for A1, A2 and B1 levels, online/Skype classes and classes in my house would be cheaper.
If the hours per week are 3+ , the attendance is confirmed in a regular timetable and the course is long-term then the price would be reduced and vice-versa.
All of the above is negotiable and will be agreed between the student and myself, based on each students learning goals, availability and commitment.

Imparto inglés, francés, FCE, PET, CAE. Para el/los nivel(es) primaria, ESO, bachillerato, selectividad, fp - formación profesional, estudios superiores, escuela de adultos, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, otros, básico, intermedio, avanzado.
Doy clases presenciales, en mi domicilio o en el tuyo.
Doy clases por webcam.
Me he conectado estas dos últimas semanas.

Experiencia de Angelika

I have over 8 years of experience in teaching in Valencia. During that time I have taught more 300 people, in groups and individuals. The success rate of my students in passing exams, tests and job interviews is over 95%.
If required I can present testemonials and references to confirm the above.
I am always looking for new ways to engage my students and to keep their interest in the target language and culture, alive. My primary goals are communication and understanding; I do my best to achieve this through dynamic activities, including group discussions of a variety of topics, role-play, debate groups, interviews, individual presentations etc; often times I ask the students to choose the topics and moderate the discussions themselves.
My keywords as a language teacher are energy, professionalism, individual approach, preparation, variety and fun, help and challenge, creativity.

Curriculum Vitae de Angelika

• Fluent in English and French, intermediate Spanish;
• Certified TEFL Teacher, Certified Business English Teacher – on site course, graduated with Honours;
• Master’s degree in Linguistics and Teaching;
• Over 8 years teaching experience in Spain with corporate clients and academic groups;
• Extensive experience with Cambridge exams preparation (PET, FCE, CAE);
• Development and preparation of PPP – Professional Power Packs (Business English Theme Lesson Plans);
• Proven successful track-record in teaching at tertiary level, In-Company and Academic classes.
• Experience with SERVEF courses;
• Extensive work experience with Business English, in corporate environment in
Canada and the US - numerous transferable skills acquired;
• Business Management experience in Healthcare and Pharmaceutical, experience in Real Estate and Insurance industries;
• Experience in Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Project Management
• Experience in tutoring, coaching and training groups and individuals;
• Knowledgeable with general office equipment; great computer skills – MS Office
and SMART Board Interactive whiteboard.
• Outstanding intercultural skills -value cultural diversity and demonstrate sensitivity
in attitude and practice;
• Excellent communication and organizational skills and time-management abilities;
• Reliable and dependable, with high personal standards and attention to detail.

I consider my instructional abilities and interpersonal skills to be particularly significant
and believe that combined with my work ethic they would greatly benefit an educational program.
I have a wide variety of experiences that I can draw upon; however, I am particularly interested in the teaching profession, as I have come to realize over the years how vital education and training are in the preparation for young people and professionals to achieve success in all of their endeavours.
This is especially valid for the English language, which has now become a global language building bridges between countries and nations.
Being devoted to these beliefs confirms that I have made the right career choice for myself.

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