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Dynamic and interactive Spanish for Foreigners lessons with certified teacher in Barcelona 15/h
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Dynamic and interactive Spanish for Foreigners lessons with certified teacher in Barcelona

I believe in dynamic teaching where the student creates his/her own learning experience and that way makes the best out of it. I am organized and my method consists in using a wide range of activities and real-life scenarios where practical learning takes place, rather than sitting down and filling in grammar exercises. Learning spanish is exciting and it is that passion I want to transmit to my students!

Informaciones prácticas sobre Angela

Imparto español para extranjeros. Para el/los nivel(es) primaria, ESO, bachillerato, selectividad, fp - formación profesional, estudios superiores, escuela de adultos, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, otros, básico, intermedio, avanzado.

Doy clases presenciales, en mi domicilio o en el tuyo.

Doy clases por webcam.

Experiencia de Angela

Throughout my three years of experience I have taught from pre-school, primary and high school children, up to groups of corporate professionals. This has been useful for me to learn to adapt to the different needs of my students (more than 200 until now), and what they obtain from it, according to the feedback i have received, is an all-around experience where they not only learn the basics, but they become so much more familiar with the language and feel confident and capable of using it more freely.

Curriculum Vitae de Angela

I am a Professional in Language and Cultural Studies, during my career i specialized in pedagogy, but more than anything i am passionate about languages. To date i can handle English, Spanish, German and French, and this is mostly thanks to excellent teachers from whom I have taken example for my own lessons. The most enriching experience has been teaching English at a school where i had to do with children from all age groups. Far beyond simply developing my curriculum of activities, I could understand that every student is a different universe and attempt to make each one of them feel unique.

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