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English Language Training tailored to you, don't wait anymore & start NOW!

I am highly passionate about teaching and learning.
Analytical, critical and summary skills, and the abilities to put the knowledge learned into practice and evaluate emerging approaches to professional issues.
Helping all my students to not only develop learning at knowledge level but to further develop their learning up to the highest level, making their experience as natural as possible.
Do you need to start speaking English at once? Haven't you succeeded and you feel tired after several attempts? If you reached me, it means that you are on your way to becoming skilled in English speaking. Contact me & we'll find out the best way to have a good command of English.

Informaciones prácticas sobre Joseph

Imparto inglés, proficiency, español para extranjeros. Para el/los nivel(es) ESO, bachillerato, escuela de adultos, avanzado, C2.

Doy clases presenciales, en tu domicilio.

Me he conectado este mes.

Experiencia de Joseph

Currently giving on-site classes to business people for the improvement of their oral communication in English. Supplying learning tools to develop their language skills in a cross-functional environment.
Providing support to a wide range of groups whose first or main language is not English, so as to be skilled in different international and multicultural English-speaking environments.

Curriculum Vitae de Joseph

Proficiency in English: English Language Institute, University of Michigan --Ann Arbor, Michigan--
Bachelor's degree, BA: English language & literature.
The basic principles of applied linguistics in different English language fields. The skills to work in different international and multicultural environments

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