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Funny english and english theatre teacher with cae in barcelona for kids, teens and adults 12 /h
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Funny english and english theatre teacher with cae in barcelona for kids, teens and adults


I'm Alexia and I'm an english and theatre teacher with the CAE Certificate (B1) and the Leisure Monitor degree by Fundació Catalana de l'Esplai.

I have experience forming kids from 3 to 6 till adults and using different books, and I can offer lessons both to Beginners until those who have and Intermediate level.
Due to my experience as a teacher and my artistic training (I'm an actress and I studied Performing Arts for several years ), my methodology is focused on learning english in a very useful way. That means I don't teach just grammar but acting, singing and playing because I want my pupils not only to write but to really understand and speak English.
I really think learning a foreign language is easier if you do it in a funny way! :)

Informaciones prácticas sobre Alexia

Imparto inglés. Para el/los nivel(es) primaria, ESO, escuela de adultos, C1, avanzado.

Doy clases presenciales, en mi domicilio o en el tuyo.

Experiencia de Alexia

I started my career as a teacher some years ago as a coincidence and I discovered a new motivation; what started as a hobby, is nowadays my current job and makes me very happy and proud. I honestly can say my pupils (from smaller to bigger), pass a good time in my classes and learn lots of interesting things that make them feel proud of themselves too.

Curriculum Vitae de Alexia

JOB EXPERIENCE___________________________________________________________________

English theatre teacher____________________________________________
Gestió d'Activitats Formatives (october 2015 - Nowadays)
Main role: Teaching 3rd primary kids creating theatrical scenes for them according on their level and attitudes.

English teacher____________________________________________________
Racons de Lleure (september 2015 - Nowadays)
Main role: Teaching P5 kids using the book Three in a tree from Oxford University Press.

English teacher____________________________________________________
Idiomes Mc Daid (september 2015 - Nowadays)
Main role: Teaching kids between 8 and 9 using the book Fun for Starters from Cambridge University Press.

Theatre teacher____________________________________________________
Gestió d'Activitats Formatives (october 2014 - Nowadays)
Main role: Teaching kids from 3rd to 6th grade of primary and ESO, writing and bringing on scene plays created specially for them at the end of course.

Leisure time monitor______________________________________________
Asociación Sociocultural La Indomable (december 2012 - august 2015) Main role: Looking after kids in social exclusion risk at Zona Nord whilst winter and summer holidays.

English teacher ____________________________________________________
Trànsit Projectes (december 2013 - june 2014 )
Main role: Teaching adults at the civic center of Zona Nord (Barcelona). From Beginers till Elementary level.

English teacher ____________________________________________________
Gestió d'Activitats Formatives (october 2013 - june 2014 )
Main role: Teaching english from preeschoolers till 6th grade teens in different schools of Barcelona. Preparation of candidates to go in for Trinity College Examinations.

EDUCATION AND TRAINING____________________________________________________________

2013 Certificate in Advanced English by Cambridge University

2012 - 2013 Intensive course of Leisure Monitor at Fundació Catalana de l’Esplai

2013 Course “Training for casting” with Pep Armengol in Frank Stein Studio

2011 - 2013 FP Grau Superior Producció audiovisual, de radio i espectàcles CP Villar
Intensive course of Stage manager at Escola de teatre Eòlia 2011

2010 Intensive course of training for camera interpretation at La Bobina

2008 - 2009 Singing and musical theory studies at Taller de Músics

2000 -2006 Studies in Professional Musical Theatre at Coco Comin Dance Academy

2000 Jazz and Musical Theatre Summer Course at London Studio Centre

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