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International Business Student, studying my masters at EAE business, know Three main languages and as well I can teach salsa dancing( since it is an option)

I am a masters student at EAE business school, learning my level 1 in Spanish. I come from Lebanon and am able to teach Arabic, English and French in an interactive class. I prefer to teach beginners knowing that I am a master student and have homework on my own I have to take care of, therefore beginners classes would suit my situation.

Informaciones prácticas sobre Karen

Imparto inglés, francés, árabe. Para el/los nivel(es) avanzado.

Sólo doy clases por webcam.

Experiencia de Karen

Actually I am not experienced in teaching languages. I taught some special cases with students in Lebanon,and salsa dancing classes therefore I know how to run a class and keep it entertained and effective. As well I was in charge of a group of 50 scout girls foe 2 years.

Curriculum Vitae de Karen

Basically i have worked with companies and hotels, in the business sector, and activities such as scout leading and social work with students in Lebanon. I speak three languages and am learning Spanish, I am a sociable person, looking to meet new people and cultures, and I am a salsa and bachata dancer.

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