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I am a native English speaking school teacher from America. 15 /h
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I am a native English speaking school teacher from America.

Let’s talk about what you want to talk about and will actually need and use. Learning things that you’re never going to use is pointless. When it comes to conversational English one of the best ways to learn is to do the things you like and that are real, but while speaking in English. For example: going to the market, cooking, and people watching. All in English. The main thing is to relax and enjoy using the language. I used a lot of sign language as a teacher and I have found that this visualization helps with learning a second language. I encourage a focus on the child’s interests as a part of conversational classes, so let’s play catch, read or make comics, play a game, bake a cake, teach a dog tricks... all in English. We can work on grammar, parts of speech, verbs, nouns, fluency, spelling, vocabulary, comprehension, writing... abilities. I am available for private lessons in your home, in mine, at a café, or anywhere you like. If you want to talk more please contact me.

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Imparto inglés. Para el/los nivel(es) primaria, ESO, escuela de adultos, selectividad.

Doy clases presenciales, en mi domicilio o en el tuyo.

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Titulación : Graduado Education, Sociology, Criminal Justice


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