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My name is Rishi, I am a 22 year old Native English from UK living in Barcelona. I finished my degree in 2013 with a BA in Film Production in 2013. Here in Barcelona I would like to offer my qualified TEFL service as an English tutor, however I would like it to be seen more of a fun and exciting experience for you to learn/improve your English. Whether sessions are for adults or children, I make sure all my tutorials are suitable, yet enjoyable for all age groups.

Because of the crisis in Spain, it is very important that English is taught as a second language. If you become familiar with basic English, instantly you will naturally be able to improve your speaking and listening skills in a very short time, which will then allow you to travel, work abroad and be a part of an English speaking company.

Informaciones prácticas sobre Rishi

Imparto inglés. Para el/los nivel(es) primaria, ESO, bachillerato, selectividad, fp - formación profesional, estudios superiores, escuela de adultos.

Doy clases presenciales, en mi domicilio o en el tuyo.

Doy clases por webcam.

Curriculum Vitae de Rishi

Titulación : Graduado Film Production


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