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Profesora de Frances y Ingles en Madrid educativa y eficaz para todos los niveles

Hello ,
I am a Moroccan student , and I will, if you give me this opportunity give classes in French , and English. So my methode is first of all to know the level of the student , if he knows anything about the language so we can adapt the course for him , my method is a very personalized courses for my students , so they will feel more confident , and able to understand what I am explaining , then step by step I will add more difficulties after being sure that the bases are learned and understood, I can introduce them to the country of the language like France for example , by giving them french songs ,famous dishes , etc.. . I am a very patient , funny and sociable teacher , so I will do my best to give them the knowledge they need in order to improve themselves.

I have no problem , I apply the same price for all the levels .
Best Regards

Informaciones prácticas sobre Ghita

Imparto inglés, francés, árabe, DELF, DALF. Para el/los nivel(es) primaria, C1, ESO, bachillerato, estudios superiores, escuela de adultos, C2, avanzado, intermedio.

Doy clases presenciales, en tu domicilio.

Doy clases por webcam.

Experiencia de Ghita

time for each class : 1:30 (one hour and thirty minutes)*
Type of student : from all backgrounds , all levels (for french) , primary school ( for english)

I teached lot of students , and I am proud to tell that they had incredibly improved , and for french courses they had the DELF and DALF without any problem .

Curriculum Vitae de Ghita

I am a student in Master 2 Marketing in Management in ESIC POZUELO , so I can tell that I am a very sociable person , who is not afraid of contact with student of any age . I learned french as my second native language , so it's very easy for me to transmit my knowledge to the students . I am a very open minded person , so I can be very patient with my class , and I am sure we will have a great learning time .

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