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Spanish and Catalan for foreigners in Barcelona , let's do it fun 7 /h
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Spanish and Catalan for foreigners in Barcelona , let's do it fun

I'm Isaac and I'm from Barcelona , I want to teach my two native languages , Catalan and Spanish
I'm not a teacher , just I want to help the foreign people who lives in Barcelona.
I will do my clases in a very informal way because is more easy to learn and speak with the locals
I hope that you will enjoy , see you soon.

Informaciones prácticas sobre Isaac

Imparto español para extranjeros, catalán, rumano. Para el/los nivel(es) primaria, ESO, bachillerato, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, otros, intermedio, básico, avanzado.

Doy clases presenciales, en tu domicilio.

Experiencia de Isaac

It will be my first experience to teach my languages to the other people , but I think that is a challenge for me because I really help the people who live for the first time in Barcelona. I will show very different ways to learn a language.

Curriculum Vitae de Isaac

I'm a native speaker for a Catalan and Spanish language and basic Romanian because I stayed 1 year there , was a great experience

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