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The English Book Club - la nueva forma de mejorar tu inglés

Welcome to The English Book Club BCN
An English Book Club for Adults with at least an intermediate level of English or above.
We are in the process of creating classes for lower levels but currently this is not available.
WHO ARE WE? We are a group of innovative English teachers with a new method for and approach to learning and improving your English-language skills.
WHAT DO WE DO? We conduct group sessions for adult English-learners and together we work on English reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Together we read and follow a novel and from week to week we focus on different chapters of the book highlighting grammar, vocabulary and language use in every session.
HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? 1) Packet of 3 sessions for 50 EUR - 2) Packet of 10 for 100 EUR - 3) Packet of 20 for 150 EUR
GROUP DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE - the English book club for friends
For more information, send us an email

Informaciones prácticas sobre Ross

Imparto inglés. Para el/los nivel(es) fp - formación profesional, estudios superiores, escuela de adultos.

Doy clases presenciales, en mi domicilio o en el tuyo.

Doy clases por webcam.

Curriculum Vitae de Ross

Titulación : Licenciado Filología


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