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Transformation, business acumen, start up financing, innovation, excellence, Skype, Barcelona, master, professional 30/h
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Transformation, business acumen, start up financing, innovation, excellence, Skype, Barcelona, master, professional

Fatima Homor MBA level professional with 2 Oxford degrees in international marketing and finance.
12 years of experience in leading companies and teams, owning my own businesses, creating new markets and innovating products, services.
I teach in a realistic way with the support of academic knowledge. I make you face real questions with real problems, I will be your executive coach and won't let you escape from your own answers. Be creative and say your word!

The moving to the student depends on his or her location and my extra expenses with it. As far as I have experienced it is a bit interesting in the beginning to study online, however it brings great benefits for the future since the student won't have any more fears to contact someone on the phone, online, have a Skype conference call etc.

Informaciones prácticas sobre Fatima

Imparto economía, finanzas, marketing, microeconomía, start up. Para el/los nivel(es) primaria, ESO, bachillerato, selectividad, fp - formación profesional, estudios superiores, escuela de adultos.

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Experiencia de Fatima

12 years of lecturing, training experience. Hundreds of students, including managers. The great people I worked together in their development phases led to amazing achievements, including successful company running, finding themselves, quitting a job which didn't fit them.
I had amazing trainees and students and colleagues so far, I wish you to be the next one! Lets have great connections!

Curriculum Vitae de Fatima

I have attended about 50 courses, including anthropology, psychology, mimics and postural behavior analysis, facial expressions analysis, politics, manipulation, how to learn effectively?, adult and children learning differences etc.

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