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Be yourself, learn English your way. English classes in Barcelona (private and in small groups). 20/h
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Be yourself, learn English your way. English classes in Barcelona (private and in small groups).

Soy profesora bilingue, cualificada (CELTA, IH Barcelona), con experiencia en enseñanza de ingles - todos los niveles y edades, ‘in company classes’, apoyo escolar (examenes de Selectividad y SAT, examenes de Cambridge o para mejorar el nivel de inglés general del alumno). Mi método se adapta a cada alumno.

Informaciones prácticas sobre Marina

Imparto inglés, FCE, ruso, TOEFL, IELTS. Para el/los nivel(es) primaria, ESO, bachillerato, selectividad, fp - formación profesional, estudios superiores, escuela de adultos, otros, básico, intermedio, avanzado, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.

Doy clases presenciales, en tu domicilio.

Doy clases por webcam.

Experiencia de Marina

¿Cuánto tiempo llevas dando clase?
Llevo dando clases de ingles 10 años
¿A cuántos alumnos has formado ya?
Actualmente me encuentro formando a 16 alumnos en Santa Coloma de Gramanet , 2 estudiantes en Barcelona (clases particulares). Doy clases de conversacion a los adultos (7-10 personas) en la escuela de Barcelona.
¿Cuáles son los resultados que han obtenido tus alumnos gracias a ti (notas, títulos...)?
Mis estudiantes han salido aprobados en sus estudios (Selectividad, SAT, FCE).

Curriculum Vitae de Marina

English school Rosinka,
Freelance English teacher (Barcelona, Spain) – September, 2015 – ongoing.
Office: telephone: 034 93 467 4848, address: C/Consell de Cent, 280 2-2 Barcelona, 08007
English school Academia4u,
Freelance English teacher (Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Spain) – October, 2015 – ongoing.
Office: telephone: (información oculta) 439
Interpreter, English/Russian teacher (private classes).
Teaching English grammar, writing, reading, speaking and listening skills to students.
Instructing students in the language arts including reading comprehension, writing and visual literacy. Planning, preparing and presenting lessons.

TK TDD LLC (China - Russia) – December, 2009 – December, 2013
Office in China: 25F, City Development Plaza, No.189, West Ti Yu Road, Tianhe District, 510620, Guangzhou, China.
Company’s language assistant (business classes for Chinese partners); private English teacher in China
Planned and provided interesting lessons based around a student's requests (including business English). Created class materials and tried a variety of teaching styles. Used situations and role play to provide context and foster a more enjoyable learning atmosphere.

Scarlet-Volgograd LLC (TK TDD ltd branch; Volgograd, Russia) – October, 2007 – December, 2009
Office in Russia: telephone 007 (8442) 26-99-99, address, 8 Vozdushnoy Armii street, 47B, 400117, Volgograd, Russia

Assistant manager, interpreter
Screened telephone calls and inquiries and directed them as appropriate. Devised and maintained office systems to efficiently deal with paper flow. Coordinated overnight travel arrangements and accommodations. Organized personal and professional calendars and supplied reminders of upcoming meetings and events. Typed documents, updated websites and compiled information for meetings.)

Company’s language assistant (business classes for the company’s staff); private English teacher

Planned and taught lessons based on students weaknesses, and requested topics. Marked homework and researched new resources to better fit students needs. Taught, in English, beginner-level students to advanced students with extensive business vocabulary.

Freelance work (Moscow, Russia) – January, 2006 – October, 2007
Interpreter, English teacher (private classes).
Translated technical and scientific texts, user/automotive manuals, web pages, software localization, medical device software, press releases, subtitles and tourist guides for the following clients: A, B, C.
Taught lessons encompassing a range of skill-building activities for speaking, writing, reading and listening.

Sfinks ltd. (Volgograd, Russia) – February, 2005 – December, 2006
Office in Russia: telephone 007 (8442) 67-15-42, address, Krasnoslobodskaya street, 19, 400074, Volgograd, Russia

Interpreter (English – Russian)
Staff translator/interpreter in a construction company; simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, written translation; managing translation organising tenders with translation companies and controlling their work-performance.

ESERP business school, Barcelona, Spain Tourism Management Master Degree - October, 2014 – June, 2015.
Address: Calle Girona, 24, 08010, Barcelona, España (información oculta)

Volgograd State Teacher Training University, English teacher (philology, linguistics), Bachelor degree (2008-2012), Master degree final year (certifications, classes, continuing education).
Contact information: telephone 007 (8442) 24-13-60,
address, Prospekt Lenina street, 27,
400066, Volgograd, Russia
(información oculta)
Principal: Sergeev Nikolay Konstantinovich

Volgograd State Technical University, interpreter/translator, (2000-2002), coursework in English grammar, linguistics and language development.
Contact information: telephone 007 (8442) 23-00-76,
address, Prospekt Lenina street, 28,
400005, Volgograd, Russia
(información oculta)
Principal: Lysak Vladimir Ilych

Volgograd Teacher Training University, September 2005 - current (independent educational consultant), (información oculta)

IH Barcelona (CELTA course - PASS) July, 2013, (información oculta) Six hours of teaching practice at three different levels. Classes of 10-15 students. The following material was used during the course: Cutting Edge – Upper Intermediate/Total English – Intermediate/English Unlimited – Elementary

Speakeasy language school, Barcelona, December, 2013 – March, 2014 (intensive Spanish course), (información oculta)

Other experience
Volunteering work – Vitoria, Brazil, January 2013 – February, 2013
Planning, preparing, delivering and evaluating lessons in English with a focus on improving pronunciation. Building the capacity of our current English teachers to be able to teach the students in a fun, interactive way that improves their English speaking, reading and writing level, and pronunciation. Implementing creative classroom exercises and educational games. Participating in special events such as class parties, International Children’s Day etc.

Russian, English, Spanish.

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