Ejercicios del pasado continuo I

Escribe la forma del pasado continuo afirmativo de los siguientes verbos.

1 The phone rang while I (have) breakfast.

was having

2 It (get) dark when I left them at home.

was getting

3 The thief didn´t steal me because I (look) at him.

was looking

4 Tom didn´t ride his bike to school yesterday because he (feel) bad.

was feeling

5 You (watch) TV yesterday night.

were watching

6 It (rain) all the day.

was raining

7 They couldn´t sleep because they (drink) coffee all the afternoon.

were drinking

8 His son (play) computer games yesterday afternoon.

was playing

9 We (sit) on the grass while having a picnic.

were sitting

10 You (sleep) more than ten hours.

were sleeping


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Selena Ramos
Selena Ramos
18 May.

Hello, I am a future English teacher who came to check these exercises to have, more or less, an idea of how to prepare an activity with a past continuous, since that is the topic that my students will see, and I resolved it, and there is specifically an exercise (number 5) that tells me that I did it wrong when it clearly is not so because the answer I put is the one that later tells me that I should have put it. I would like to see what specifically corrects the activity, because a child can come and… Lire la suite »

19 May.

Hello Selena,

Indeed, We found a mistake in the exercice and We’ve just corrected the information

Thanks for your feedback

20 Oct.

i am only a studient learning inglish. i am in 6° grade. tomorrow monday i will have a inglish exam

21 Oct.

We wish you good luck on your english exam!

Anna tourido
Anna tourido
10 Nov.

Hi , how are you ? Im a english teacher of Grecia, but i heven’t a exercises , to 6* . You help me.
Thank you

13 Nov.

Hello Anna, we are not quite certain about your request but we are happy to help if you can explain to us in more detail what your doubts are. Wishing you a great day!